Elle Green

“My art is a reflection of passion, combined with fascination and fear. It is a shared secret between cohorts of common causes, or an answer to an unasked question. It is the sound of moonlight swimming through a dark night, or a deep howl born from Earth and Air. Protective and forged with a fiery inner strength, it is within these seemingly nebulous, dark spaces that my art informs and enlightens.

Inspired by secret realms, hidden worlds, and the tiny microcosms we've become disconnected from, my work captures a slice of that lush life so often invisible to us. With an eye on the primitive and supernatural traditions of carrying personal totems and talismans, I create objects that resonate deeply with the modern soul. Every pendant, earring and ring is intended to carry power and weight for the wearer. With each piece, I carefully transform the fleeting and fragile aspects of nature into permanent beauty.

The work I bring to you is conceived and created entirely in my Austin Texas studio. It is infused with inspiration from my deep connection and appreciation of Nature, combined with my curiosity, and a desire to honor the balance of dark and light within each of us. Each piece I craft reflects quality, artisanship, and just a touch of magic.” ~ Elle Green