Michaela Sagatova

Michaela is a multi-medium artist specializing in fabricated and cast sterling silver and semi precious gemstone jewelry. She is the creator of Thornbird Jewelry, a cozy little studio nestled amid the gnarled hawthorn and wild rose bramble woods of historic, small-town Ontario. Her pieces are hand fabricated from silver, cast from original designs first carved in wax, or a combination of both.

Michaela’s jewels are wearable art heirloom pieces lovingly created and imbued with her wonder and insatiable curiosity about the world around her. Steeped in lore, plucked from dreams, inspired by the cosmos, and oft exploring mortality itself, each piece has a story, a tale of darkness, a tale of light. With an artist’s eye, skilful hands and a very old soul, Michaela makes art that is truly unique, garnering interest from collectors and galleries throughout the world.